Much Birch Surgery is a Research Practice

The practice team are delighted that Much Birch Surgery is now a research active practice linked to the Clinical Research Network.

We work in close collaboration with a team of GPs, research nurses and facilitators based in Warwick Medical School. If a patient is eligible to join a research study running in our practice, a GP or other healthcare professional will provide written information. Taking part in a research study is voluntary and can be beneficial to patients who participate in them.


Examples of research projects include:

  •          investigating respiratory infections
  •          management of heart failure
  •          how to increase physical activity
  •          finding out whether low dose aspirin helps people with Type 2 diabetes
  •          ways to help people stop smoking
  •          the use of self-monitoring of blood pressure

Our GP Research Lead within the practice is Dr Horne

If you would like to know more about research taking place locally, visit

Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)

This practice contributes to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink by sending anonymised information from patient records to CPRD to help improve patient and public health.  For more information please visit the CPRD website: